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It’s been almost three years since I embarked on the natural hair journey, and even now I’m still learning new things. But the one thing I have finally come to peace with is that nobody has the same hair as another. What works for someone might now work for me, and after stacking up my cabinet with containers upon containers of product, some of which I have no clue why I have them or if it’s working for me, it finally dawned on me that over a decade ago, I wasn’t a slave to the overwhelming rules of what not to do on your hair.

Now, I’m not saying that following a disciplined regime of regular treatments and moisturizing does not work. I’m just saying that – if it’s not what worked for me before, why now?

When I was a little girl, my nanny was my sworn hair guardian. Nobody else, besides a good friend of my mom, and professional hairdressers whom I visited on RARE occasions, touched my hair. And since she never let my hair out, my nanny was the only one who got to actually see my hair. I’m sharing this with you because, a while ago, I was going through pictures of when I was young, and I found a picture that was taken of me when Nanny was about to style my hair. AND GOODNESS ME!!!! I had LONG HAIR!!! It’s too bad I left it in Tanzania at my mom’s house (seriously), I would have uploaded it for y’all to see. But I promise I will. Not only was my hair long, it was full, and surprisingly falling down on my shoulders, instead of facing the sky.

And all that time that Nanny took care of my hair, all she ever did was wash it, braid it, and apply Indian Hemp. That’s right. A hair pomade that’s got lot of petroleum in it. So why did my not retaliate or get damaged? Realizing has made me become less of hair-obsessed, and finally have peace of mind that my hair will grow no matter what, as long as I make sure to do protective styling, and yes, apply some indian hemp.


I have already started experimenting with it, so I will post more updates on the outcomes, and maybe pictures.

In the meantime, I’ll urge you to do some research on petroleum and pomade, and familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of using them.

God bless! Tata for now


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