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Afrogirls who inspired me

If you are not natural, but are thinking about transitioning and in need of some inspiration, allow me to share mine.

I went natural in 2009, partly because my hair had been damaged beyond recognition with improper chemical use, and partly because I couldn’t remember how my natural hair looked or felt like, and wanted that back. So when I was still trying to get used to my hair as a newbie, I started looking online for pictures of afrodivas to sort of get some inspiration and appreciation of the natural look. Since I’m also into afromusic, my inspiration mostly comes from some singers I found thanks to Youtube.

Here they are:

1)Nneka Egbuna

The first thing that got me liking this sister is her boldness to speak of African corruption, and her pride to be African. Normally, when an African moves overseas, you expected them to automatically change their accent, and start “rapping”. Not Nneka. And she does not have a problem with wearing even a loin cloth (the african cloth tied around the waist) on stage. How cool is that? As Africans, I noticed we always want to avoid anything that tells other people our origin, but as long as your skin is dark, unless you bleach, that’s enough to show others what continent you come from lol.

2) Ayo

  She is another natural sister who inspires, especially with a small afro. Alot of sisters dread the idea of going around with short hair (I do too lol), but I find her look very lovely on her. With confidence, we can all pull this look! So don’t be afraid to do the BIG CHOP. And don’t worry, if you can’t handle the way it looks on you, there’s the option of wearing your hair in braids or weaves until you attain the length you’re comfortable with.

3) Amel Larrieux  

I llllove her hair, but unfortunately you can’t get permanent curls like that without being a bi- or multi-racial. But thank God for rollers and curl forming tools! Another gorgeous natural beauty.

4) Erykah Badu

The thing I love about Erykah is her headwraps. Big accessories have become a common fad in the afrohair world. I need to get me one of these wraps!


5) Esperanza Spalding

This is another lady whose hair and music style is inspiring. I love the fullness and roundness of her hair. It’s just too lovely!


6) Random pic^^

This is a  picture I just spotted recently, and I like it because the style looks ideal for my hair length. I hope these pictures have sparked a little inspiration in you, and I’ll encourage you to do some more research on the ABCs of natural hair, from the type of hair you have to how to attain great length!

Stay tuned for upcoming pictures of me and my hair. Unfortunately, it is no longer 100% natural due to my stubbornness and curiosity that led me to get a texturizer. It’s not bad, but more manageable actually, but it’s the last time I’ll ever put any chemical-altering product in my hair.

Be blessed!


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